Tenuiphantes tenuis

  • tenuiphantes tenuis by SE Thorpe
  • Tenuiphantes_tenuis by Caroline Harding
  • Tenuiphantes_tenuis  by Christian Devillers

Tenuiphantes tenuis
ex Lepthyphantes tenuis
Kingdom: Animal
Branch: arthropods
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Order: spiders
Infra Araneomorphae (true spiders)
No taxon (Entelegyne)
Family Linyphiidae (Sheetweb and dwarf spiders)
Under Linyphiinae (Sheetweb spiders)
Genus Tenuiphantes
Species: Tenuiphantes tenuis (Blackwall, 1852)

Description / Identification
Body length: female 2 to 3.5 mm. male 2-3mm.
the cephalothorax is dark brown,
the light brown abdomen has net blackspot, seeming to connect between them by fine lines, white punctuations are superimposed on the ground.
Only a thorough the epigynum or palps to say that we have a Tenuiphantes tenuis (Blackwall 1852), (Leptyphantes tenuis, former taxon.)
One feature is that the legs are not ringed and colors yellow-brown.
Male palp with shorter, wider distal tooth of the coverslip.
Paracymbium also with long teeth.
Visible part of scapus rear, underlying part of scapus anchor with semicircular side margins. Yellow-brown prosoma.
Opisthosoma whitish rafters paired.

Low vegetation, MOSS and leaf litter in a wide variety of habitats.
The species is a frequent aeronaut

Possible confusion
with t. zimmermanni. , Tenuiphantes flavipes
with n. clathrata but the size does not match
Conclusion it must be the binocular

Photo 1 SE Thorpe    source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c4/Tamaki_linyphiid_sp._1_%28female%29.jpg
Photo 2Caroline Harding Source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fe/Tenuiphantes_tenuis.jpg
Photo 3Christian Devillers source http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/view.php?adr=image/ dos56/temp/_033.jpg

  • tenuiphantes tenuis epigyne by SE Thorpe
  • Tenuiphantes_tenuis by Ch. Roy
  • Tenuiphantes_tenuis by Ch. Roy

Photo 1 SE Thorpe  source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/Tamaki_linyphiid_sp._1_%28epigyne%29.jpg
Photo 2 and 3 Roy c.   source http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/view.php?adr=image/ dos91/temp/araignees_vendeec.jpg and http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/view.php?adr=image/ dos65/temp/araignees_vendee5.jpg


Périodes d observation de Tenuiphantes tenuis

Adults can be found throughout the year, especially in summer and autumn.


observations en Picardie de Tenuiphantes tenuis

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