Myrmarachne formicaria

  • Myrmarachne formicaria 60 mont César France
  • Myrmarachne formicaria
  • Myrmarachne formicaria

Myrmarachne formicaria

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Subkingdoms: Eumetazoa
Phylum: arthropods
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Classification: Araneae
Infra: Araneomorphae
Section: Dionycha
Superfamily: Salticoidea
Family: Salticidae
Subfamily: Myrmarachninae
Genus: Myrmarachne
Species: M. formicaria
Subspecies: M. f. Tyrolensis
Binomial name Myrmarachne formicaria (de Geer, 1778)

Size 5-6 mm
It's a jumping spider
Mimetic species of ants to easily pass for one of them especially the female which is more the first pair of legs in the air for the antennas...
The enormous protruding chelicerae of males,
The black pedipalps.

the sunny slopes into the gardens.

Possible confusion
with the Synageles, but their pedipalps are white...
with the Leptorchestes but are much larger and dark males rather than large chelideres.

1 male Mont César 60 France by SB photo
Photo 2 female by Luc Gizart   source dos83/temp/14042012_dsc_767.jpg
Photo 3 sarefo     source

Periods of Observations

Little be observed throughout the year


observations en Picardie de Myrmarachne formicaria

Published Sept. 28. 2012 by Torn80cj
This species of jumping spider is definetly one of the hardest to record. Very tiny, moves all the time, and doesn't allow you to use a tripod because of the spider's inability to sit still. This is the first time I managed to catch an ant mimicker grooming which made it somewhat easier to record. I let it go after recording it because that spider just wore me out. Very hard on the arms when trying to steady a camcorder is such a tiny little critter that seems like it's running around at 80 mph and teleports into thin air.