Misumenops tricuspidatus

  • Misumenops.tricuspidatus.male by Daniel Vantard
  • Misumenops.tricuspidatus by Liboupat

Misumenops tricuspidatus
(= Ebrechtella tricuspidata)

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: arthropods
Class: Arachnida
Classification: Araneae
Family: Thomisidae
Genus: Misumenops
Species Misumenops tricuspidatus (Fabricius, 1775)

Between 2.5 and 3.5 mm for males and between 5 and 6 mm for females.
abdomen blansc yellow with reddish drawing at 3 points.
It is characteristic with its 3 spots on the abdomen.
the male has the four previous legs Brown dark with lighter rings. They are much longer than the other leg.
The cephalothorax is light brown with two dark brown lateral bands.
Hind, much more short almost translucent green andare.
The top of the abdomen is light green with white marks on the rim and darker green lines around the Middle, 3 spots on the abdomen more or less fused together. The underside is dark brown
The female has the legs and the light green cephalothorax. The previous four legs are also much longer.
The abdomen, larger than that of males, is white.

Mainly on the flowers and vegetation.
Does not canvas, these spiders hunt on the lookout.

Possible confusion
with Misumena vatia (genus Misumena: 3 species in France)
and with Diaea dorsata (found on the foliage of forest edges and bushes. Diaea dorsata presents an oval Mark Brown or beige well drawn on the abdomen.)

Picture 1 Daniel boastful   Source http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/view.php?adr=.%2Fimage%2Fdos9%2Ftemp%2F2006_05_19_araig.jpg
Photo 2 Male by Akio Tanikawa   Source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4c/Misumenops.tricuspidatus.male.-.tanikawa.jpg
Photo 3 OpenCage  souce http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/Misumenops_tricuspidatus.jpg
Photo 4 gif animated masaki ikeda source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/Spider_which_catches_the_insect.gif
Picture 5 Liboupat source http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/view.php?adr=image/ dos2/temp/diaea_dorsatas.jpg


Adults occur from May to August on the flowers.


observation en Picardie de Misumenops tricuspidatus

Online may 23, 2009 by sigma1920

Adult female of the flower (Ebrechtella tricuspidata, family Thomisidae) spider is hiding on the flower of Weigela hortensis (family Caprifoliaceae) grabbed a small prey (winged aphids?) And began to eat. The Spider had 6.6 mm body length. Mid-May 2009 the Japan.

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