Linyphia triangularis

  • Linyphia_triangularis_M_by Rainer Altenkamp, ​​Berlin
  • Rainer Altenkamp, ​​Berlin Linyphia triangularis
  • James K. Lindsey Linyphia_triangularis
  • Linyphia.triangularis  by Henri Robert
  • linyphia_triangularis  by Robert Heri

Linyphia triangularis

Reigns Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Sous-embr. Chelicerata
Class Arachnida
Order Araneae
Suborder Araneomorphae
Family Linyphiidae
Genus Linyphia
Binomial name Linyphia triangularis (Clerck, 1757)

Araneus triangularis Clerck, 1757
Aranea montana Linnaeus, 1758
Araneus albini Scopoli, 1763
Aranea pinnata Ström, 1768
Aranea resupina sylvestris Geer, 1778
Linyphia walckenaeri Risso, 1826
Linyphia macrognatha Menge, 1866

Linyphia triangularis is a species of Spider belonging to the family Linyphiidae.

This species occurs in the Palearctic. She was introduced to the United States.

Body: 6mm (5mm for the male).
It is recognized by its large size and the tuning fork mark located on the cephalothorax. with a central on the abdomen and with the indentations as if Ray this band was made of a series of triangles.
The abdomen is whitish with a serrated pattern dark towards the middle.
The legs are grey, Brown or greenish with numerous spines.
The profile view is also quite characteristic.

This spider spins his Web in bushes or hedges in autumn, and eat the insects that get caught in its Web. The body of the male is uniformly brownish. (Forests, bushes, parks and gardens.)

The canvas is a large net horizontal and little regular. The animal goes in the center of its Web.

Possible confusion:
It differs primarily Neriene genus by the presence of a beautiful pitch drawn on the cephalothorax. However, it has very close cousins l. tenuipalpis and t. maura found in France.
Neriene radiata which is distinguished by a clear Strip surrounding the cephalothorax.

Picture 1 and 2 Rainer Altenkamp, Berlin  source and
Photo 3 James K. Lindsey  source
Picture 4 Henri Robert  Source dos93/temp/linyphia_trianguu.jpg
Picture 5 Henri Robert ventral source dos93/temp/linyphia_triangua.jpg


Periodes d observations de Linyphia triangularis


observations en Picardie de Linyphia triangularis

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