Araniella opisthographa

  • Araniella opisthographa
  • Araniella opisthographa
  • Araniella opisthographa

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Araneidae
Genus: Araniella
Araniella opisthographa (Kulczynski, 1905)

Araneus opistographus (CD_NOM = 896)
Araniella opistographa (Clerck, 1757)

male: 3, 5-4 mm, female: 4-6 mm
Male palp with shaped brad-tegular apophysis, median apophysis long and curved sickle.
Epigynum with scapus, longer than it is wide, which clearly exceed the epigynum. Entry not or only vaguely visible ducts through epigynum.
The prosoma is yellow to red-brown, most of the time with a dark male marginal band.
Yellow-legged to red-brown, often with dark rings.
The male femur: with 7, 8 rarely hairs distributed over the entire length.
Green Opisthosoma, with 5 pairs of black side points (5th pair posterior generally small and indistinct (see also Sacher (1990), rarely darker than its surroundings close, often enlivened ventromedial area yellowish.))
Colour criteria are the same for the 5 species in France.
The habitat is more interesting, 2 (very common) species frequent the lower branches, shrubs, hedges: Araniella cucurbitina and opisthographa. The other 3 in the trees: Araniella alpica/inconspicua/displicata(assez rare cette dernière).

Habitat and ecology
The spider more often found in shrubs, bushes and hedges, bushes as well as on low vegetation nearby. It is similar to a. cucurbitina environments. Adults of both sexes were recorded between May and August, with a peak in late May and June. Females are sometimes found as late as September.

Possible confusion
with Araniella cucurbitina, see the bino the pedipalps

Picture 1: Canigou(France [66690] 27/05/2013)-size: 4 mm source
Photo 2: Roy c. right Pedipalp (France [85180] 2009-06-01)-size: 4.5 mm source
Photo 3: Roy c.left Pedipalp  (France [85180] 2009-06-01)-size: 4.5 mm.   source


From spring to autumn, peak in May and June imago


Observations en Picardie de Araniella opisthographa

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