FAUNA and flora of AMIENS and its surroundings

This site is my working paper (memory aid) and therefore not a referral site.
On the contrary, it will have to improve, to complement and to receive your notice!
It is about my little garden in the city, then
my town: Amiens and particularly my neighborhood: Saint Pierre with its Park.
( stpierreamiens )
Our Department is the sum, our Region: Picardy (2012)
Flora and fauna of the sum
Fauna and flora in Picardy

TREES remarkable in AMIENS

LIFE in my town: AMIENS

You will discover a multitude of animals and flowers from my garden of all races in their natural conditions.

are added a few species of fauna and flora found on our walks in our
commune of Amiens in the Somme or elsewhere

At all times and in all places I met animals, insects...

In 2012 I decide to share my passion and my research.

A lot of research in my garden, small hunting ground, then on my town.

And like everyone else, following my travels.

Thanks to Picardie Nature and to all networks of volunteers the help they bring me

Sightseeing: AMIENS (little tour of the city in .pps by unknown author.)